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History & Heritage

A General Contractor with Experience

AMA has long extending lines of history in the general contracting realm reaching as far back as 1974. In that year, a small construction firm known as Mendel-Allison Construction, Inc., was founded on a philosophy determined to develop relationships with clients that last, and to do so through honesty, integrity, and a commitment to participate 100% in the process of getting a project done.

The philosophies implemented by Mendel-Allison created the foundations of Adams Mendel Allison (AMA) today. Since our inception in 2002, our goal has been to redefine the role of the general contractor in the construction industry. Where once general contractors were viewed with skepticism, we are striving to replace that with trustworthiness.

We do this through our commitment to achieving the goals of our clients by focusing on minimizing costs, exceeding expectations, and quality communication. We have assembled an organization low in turnover and deep in talent, all orientated towards creating a better construction experience.

AMA's growth over the years is a direct result of its methodical, thorough approach to construction management, which provides clients with quality end results and delivers repeat business time and time again. We rarely measure success based on the financial outcome of a project; our philosophy holds that the relationships and partnerships established along the way are what define success.