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Philosophy & Approach

The AMA Way - A New Approach to Construction

The success of AMA over the years can be attributed to our commitment to provide the very best construction experience imaginable for all participants. Our management has found that the key to consistently achieving this goal is a deep commitment to employee development from within and adherence to AMA's business principles:

We conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.
Our word is our bond. No client, subcontractor, or associate should ever feel as if we took advantage of them. The relationship with each party we interact with is more important than the money we earn.

We hold ourselves accountable.
The quality and timeliness of the finished product is our responsibility. We don't whine or make excuses.

We are methodical and conservative.
We think before we act. We choose to put the safety of our workforce at the forefront of our efforts.

The AMA approach to construction projects is an exception to the rule in our industry. We take on our projects with a keen understanding of the risks our clients are taking and offer our very best to mitigate any that we can. We have only to look to our large volume of repeat business for proof that our approach is successful.

There is a better way to get your construction project built – AMA is doing it. We encourage you to visit with us before you make your next general contractor selection. We welcome the opportunity to introduce our philosophies to you and to show you that these are not just mere words – it is the AMA way. There's a better way to build... and you've found it.