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"We are quite pleased with the traffic to date- and think this store will be very successful for Ella Bliss. We are also very pleased with the build-out of the store and the stellar construction and project management provided by AMA-you are true professionals!" – Peter Koclanes, Owner, Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

"Your business principles are absolutely admirable and your commitment to pursuing them can be summed up in one word.............excellent." - Terry Nelson, Sr. Project Manager, Marxaire, Inc.

"In a world where it becomes increasingly more difficult to trust anyone in the construction industry, AMA's integrity and honesty is refreshing. AMA is always thorough, organized and a pleasure to do business with." - Danielle Nicol, Diamond Excavating, Inc.

"Having worked with AMA for many, many years I know if I have a question I can pick up the phone and get trusted assistance whether it's related to a construction detail, ideas for value engineering or cost analysis. Having AMA involved from the Design Development phase through completion of Construction Documents has proven to be beneficial and helps ensure that our building design stays within the Owner's budget and schedule. In my opinion this project progressed as smooth and efficient as any I've been a part of over the last 20 plus years. Everyone from the top on down worked together as a team and I believe the finished product speaks for itself. Another job well done by AMA!" - Jeff Pelaez, Sr. Project Manager, Mitchell Plus Associates, Architects γ€€

"A pleasurable new construction experience is hard to achieve for a roofing contractor. On site supervision and communication with team members was excellent. I wish all projects ran this smoothly." - Kevin O'Brien, Project Manager, Independent Roofing Specialists, LLC γ€€

"We have been extremely pleased with AMA on all projects. Extremely professional, excellent quality, owner's interest in mind, working to get us the best subs at the best prices and thinking of ways to meet city / town requirements with quality and cost in mind. We are thrilled with AMA." - Brad Kornfeld, Managing Partner, Gart Properties γ€€

"I have been in this business for many years and this was the best construction experience I have ever had." - Mike Burks, Housing Authority of Colorado Springs γ€€

"I am impressed by the environment of teamwork that AMA established on the site during construction. The sub-contractors were all working together to complete the construction to high standards in a timely manner and within budget." - Jim Jones, President, Jones Engineering Associates, Inc.

"AMA is a team of professionals that work within budget, complete projects within the proposed schedule, and are a pleasure to work with. The AMA team goes above and beyond to make the construction process smooth and stress free for all parties involved." - Penny Lake, Designer, 220 Designs, Inc.

"I was truly impressed with the quality of work and leadership from AMA. I can honestly say AMA takes pride in their work and treats their clients with the utmost respect." - Robin Young, Campus Director, Pikes Peak Community College γ€€

"AMA quickly responds to issues and governs the people involved professionally. It appears to me that AMA cares for it's subcontractors and works hard to make sure everyone accomplishes their goals successfully. With such a professional team, everyone involved has the best chance of being successful." - Joe Bernat, Estimator/Project Manager, SRB Acoustics γ€€

"AMA is by far our favorite contractor to work for. Every process makes sense, AMA is very accountable, reliable and really has this business figured out. We know what to expect from the pre-bid to the closeout. We are extremely proud to work with AMA." - Kristopher Mahaffey, Kennedy Electric, Inc. γ€€

"AMA collaborates with us to make sure they have a complete understanding of our needs. Due to their years of experience they are often able to make suggestions that improve upon our initial design. AMA provides guidance and often helps us to avoid problems by carefully reviewing each project." - FirstBank Data Corporation γ€€

"We worked with AMA on a consulting basis and found their team approach was key to the success of the project. They prevent fires rather than scramble to put them out." - Steve Cooper, Mittlestaedt Cooper & Associates γ€€

"It was a pleasure to work with a professional and well informed construction team. Scheduling is one area that is very important to a painting company. We appreciate working with a superintendent that respects everyone's time. I believe the AMA did a great job with respect to honesty, responsibility and accountability." - Rick Haynes, Project Manager, Maximum Painting LLC γ€€

"We like working with AMA because of the way they go about their business, very professional. They always work as a team." - Timothy B. Berdahl, Mountain Aire Mechanical γ€€

"Having worked with AMA on many successful projects, AMA always conducts business with integrity and honesty which results in open discussion. AMA's considerable experience offers a cost effective and timely project for the client and subcontractors alike." - Roger A. Vermaas, Aspen Surveying, Inc. γ€€

"AMA continues to prove that honesty, integrity, and hard-work are not old-fashioned ideas, but rather the most effective way to manage business." - FirstBank Network Services

"The project was completed on time and accomplished in a very workmanship like manner. The facility remained open for business during the entire remodel and every effort was made to not inconvenience the employees or the customers. It is our belief that this project went very well for all parties involved." - Mick Mitchell, Principal, Mitchell Plus Associates, Architects

"AMA Construction is a premiere General Contractor in Colorado. They are always professional and do as they say." - Dan Weingardt, Operations Manager, Besam Entrance Solutions γ€€

"The people I have worked with at your firm hold true to the company mission statement, I look forward to a long relationship with this company." - Brian Curtiss, Project Manager, Bauen Corporation

 "General contractors can sometimes make or break the job's success for subcontractors by the way they decide to run projects. AMA ran this project the way we wish every project was run." - Ryan Dantino, Designer, Flow Fire Protection